Four States Rewards

What is the Home Seller Rewards Program?

  • Membership in our Rewards Program is limited to top real estate agents in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas who wish to offer an added incentive and gift to their clients during the home-buying process.
  • Rather than spending your own dollars on gift certificates for your clients, let Four States issue a gift certificate in your name that you can offer your client as a special thank-you gift.
  • This mutually beneficial program allows us to put our name and brand in the hands of new home buyers and it allows you to give your clients a valuable gift at no cost to you.


How does it work?

Your rewards are equal to 5% of your client’s in-store purchase of $999 or more and accumulate throughout the year. The more clients that redeem your gift certificate on purchases of $999 or more at Four States, the more free rewards you earn. Watch your rewards grow and redeem them as often as you like within the year. Here are a few examples of how points can add up:

  • Client Spend $1000.................Your Reward $50
  • Client Spend $3,000................Your Reward $150
  • Client Spend $5,000................Your Reward$250
  • Client Spend $10,000..............Your Reward $500

**Points are good for one year and can be used toward furniture, mattresses, outdoor furniture, and home decor accessories like lamps, wall art, mirrors, and rugs at Four States. Points cannot be used toward warranties, protection plans, services, delivery, or sales tax.


What’s in It for you?

Four States believes the Realtor should be rewarded as well, so to show our gratitude for your support, when your client makes a purchase and uses their certificate with your name on it, you accumulate Reward Points.


A Gift for Your Clients, A Bonus for You

YOU EARNED THE SALE -- NOW EARN THEIR LOYALTY with a gift certificate from Four States Furniture, at NO COST to you!

  • It brands a gift certificate from Four States Furniture with your name, valued at $50 to $300
  • You’ll earn valuable rewards points for your own use when the client redeems their gift certificate on a qualifying purchase!


Reward Clients at No Cost to You

  • $150 Gift Certificate
    Home Purchase Price up to $149,999
  • $200 Gift Certificate
    Home Purchase Price of $150,000 to $199,999
  • $250 Gift Certificate
    Home Purchase Price of $200,000 to $249,999
  • $300 Gift Certificate
    Home Purchase Price of $300,000 or more


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