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About Us

Wilson Family
The Wilson Family

About Us

Back in 1978, Wilson’s Furniture and Appliance opened in historic downtown Hope, Arkansas, by Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson.

During the day, Mr. Wilson was a postman and delivered mail while Ms. Sharon sold furniture. In the evenings, Mr. John delivered the furniture his wife sold after his mail route. This made for long, but rewarding days!

Because of their hard work and dedication, after some time, the furniture store became their full time business. While they built the store into their full time business, they also raised a family of three sons and a daughter. 

All the children worked in the store over the years, doing everything from cleaning, unloading, selling, and delivering furniture and anything else that needed to be done. 

In the early 2000s, as the brothers all returned home from college and abroad, Ashley Furniture Industries was embarking on an unprecedented expansion with the Ashley HomeStore concept. On top of their locations in Texarkana and Hope, an Ashley store soon opened within the Wilson family as well.

These three stores bring us to today, where we still work those long, but rewarding, hours each and every day to make every shopping experience exceptional for every customer that comes through our front doors. 

This brings us to today, with 7 retail locations in Hope, AR, Texarkana, Paris, Sherman, Greenville, TX, and a regional distribution center in Texarkana, AR, and employing over 150 team members, it is our goal to deliver a first in class experience to all of our guests when shopping for their home.